Joining MakelWeb?

Makelweb is for real estate agents and founded by real estate agents: an independent platform for listing all real estate in the Netherlands.

Keep your own data at MakelWeb

As a real estate agent, you spend a lot of time and attention on making good descriptions, beautiful pictures and even extensive video tours to bring the property to your portfolio. However you are required to place this information on various non-independent listing sites at a considerable cost. In addition it is awaiting the way in which the listing is visible and whether there are no competing ads displayed next to the offered object.


Fully independent and at cost

MakelWeb wants to change this and has devised a unique concept. Via MakelWeb, real estate agents list their objects an attractive way. In addition, you as a broker will have complete control over your own data. MakelWeb is an association of real estate agents. Participating real estate agents are members and have control over the course of the association. MakelWeb is completely independent and does not benefit real estate brokers based on membership of a particular real estate association. Individuals, investors, managers and pension funds can not advertise independently on MakelWeb, only through contacts with a participating real estate agent.

There is no profit objective: the offer of objects is done at cost. The association operates fully transparent and monitors the interests of the participants. MakelWeb ensures that your offer also remains your offer. The data will not be used for other purposes. MakelWeb, in contrast to other sites, allows leaflet products on its website. You can refer to your mortgage or insurance department or any of your relationships in your ad text.

Optimal presentation of the offer by affordable VR tours

As a member of MakelWeb, you can immediately take advantage of the latest Virtual Reality presentations. The VR tours can easily be created with their own login on MakelWeb can already deliver VR tours for no more than 5 euros per tour.

Good online findability

Via Makelweb, all participating offices work together to be easily found through internet search engines. The so-called collective link building creates a strong position in the search engines. In addition, MakelWeb has a future unique listing, which also creates a strong position in the search engine.

Social media integration

MakelWeb lists full integration of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and new platforms like Wazzurb. MakelWeb's channels are also independent.

No competing ads

Unlike many other listing sites, MakelWeb will not show ads that harm the business interests of real estate agents, such as competing providers or offerings from other brokers. When ads are allowed, these ads will be from industry-minded companies.



Easy posting of the offer

Various broker software such as Realworks, Kolibri and Venum will make a link with MakelWeb. This allows you to easily upload the listing to MakelWeb.

This means there are no extra actions for participation in MakelWeb.


Flexible and recognizable brand identity

MakelWeb's logo is available in various variants and various colors, but recognizable. You can choose a color that matches the brand of your own brokerage office.


What does MakelWeb cost?

By registration you become a member of the MakelWeb association. You are then entitled to vote in member meetings and, as it were, you yointly own the portal. The contribution is only 50 euro per month and will be invoiced to you annually in advance for an entire year. The one-off entree fee are 500 euros.