About MakelWeb

MakelWeb is the new platform that briefly lists all the housing, business and agricultural properties. This involves both buying and renting and for listings throughout the Netherlands. There is always a suitable offer for you.

Another housing site?

No, MakelWeb is different. At this website you get the housing listing, but also the listing in commercial real estate and agricultural real estate, presented without distinction. Any broker in the Netherlands who decides to put a listing on MakelWeb must comply with the same formats and have the same opportunities. As a result, you will be given a fair view of the offer as a residential consumer or when looking for a commercial or agricultural property. MakelWeb offers you an unfiltered overview of the listings of all participating brokers.

What is the benefit to me?

At MakelWeb you can create a detailed search profile, giving you exactly what you want. You will receive a note immediately when there is an offer that matches your wishes and needs. Any object on MakelWeb, any real estate agent and whether it is about residential, office- and commercial or agricultural real estate, is displayed as extensively. Via MakelWeb, you can respond directly to a property, simply plan a visit or send your offer to a friend. In addition, MakelWeb offers you several useful features when creating an account for free. You can save certain properties as a favorite, follow the developments, add your own note, or print a collection page about the object with the click of a button. In addition, the listing on MakelWeb is often presented attractively, for example, using Virtual Reality tours.

Offer of trusted real estate agents

At MakelWeb you only find offers from real estate agents, not from individuals, managers or investors. This way you can always assume that you have a professional organization.

I do not find what I'm looking for now what now?

Create a search profile especially if you do not yet find the right residential or commercial property. In the coming period, the offer will be expanded further.

I am a real estate agent and want to know more about MakelWeb

Are you a real estate agent and want to know more about participating in MakelWeb? More information about the method and principles of MakelWeb can be found here.